Silicon Valley Open Source Business Intelligence Meetup at IMVU

By Tim Levine and Paco Nathan

At IMVU, our leaders are increasingly leveraging data to inform decisions. In response to this we have embarked on leveraging an off-the-shelf business intelligence solution to enable ready access to data.  Considering our needs, present and future, and the personality of the company we have deployed a commercial version of Pentaho.  Using this suite, we have been able to provide fresher data (daily refresh versus monthly), more interactive data (using ROLAP cubes), and newly processed data (30-day rolling of usage).
Our success has gotten to the point where we would like to contribute and draw from the larger community and so we will be hosting  a meetup of those interested in open source business intelligence.  To RSVP, please click through the link below.


Silicon Valley Open Source Business Intelligence Meetup


Tim Levine and Paco Nathan

Date and Time:

Thursday, September 15, 2011


IMVU Corporate Headquarters
100 W. Evelyn Ave #110 , Mountain View, CA

No cost

Food and drink:
Food and drinks will be provided


1 Food and networking
2 Introductions around the room, find burning questions
3 Tim Levine and Paco Nathan will present on how Pentaho fits into our technology stack to solve problems involving little and Big Data alike. Specifically how we use Pentaho to fetch, munge, and report data as well as bringing in R and hadoop in the AWS cloud to provide otherwise impossible insights.
4 Discussion of burning questions
5 Solicit ideas for next meeting, decide on frequency
6 Announcements

Link to event on
 Silicon Valley Open Source Business Intelligence Meetup